The I Am CrossFit Civil War

Each year, members of CrossFit Central, CrossFit Central Downtown and RedBlack Gym compete for 8 weeks in the I Am CrossFit Challenge.  Athletes are tasked with food logging, extra at home workouts, team workouts and benchmark WODs.  After the 8 weeks, the team with the best results wins.  The facility with the best results overall, is deemed  the Civil War Winner.

2013 I Am CrossFit Challenge Results
Total Pounds Lost: 707.95
Total Inches Lost: 695.51
Total Body Fat % Lost: 408.30


FACILITY: CrossFit Central Downtown had an average of 19.6% body fat lost and the fastest average benchmark finale time of 10:38. They also decreased their benchmark workout times by an average of 14.1% body fat

TEAM: Catalyst had a 99.5% completion rate, an average of 16.5% body fat lost and an average benchmark finale time of 10:18 with an improvement of 20.6%. They also lost an average of 23.1% body fat since their initial body fat measurements.
5 Categories- each category ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd… Total lowest ranking points wins!
Each category was averaged by team, then by gym.
  1. Completion Total Average (17, single point opportunities per person, including Nutrition Meeting, Goal Setting, Weekly Food Log, Benchmark & Finale)
  2. Body Fat Percentage Average (based on final body fat percentage)
  3. Body Fat Percentage Change Average (final body fat %, minus initial body fat %, then divided by initial body fat percentage)
  4. WOD Finale Time Average (based on finale WOD time)
  5. WOD Time Change Average (finale time, minus benchmark time, then divided by benchmark time)
Check out all of the before and after photos of this year’s athletes below.

Christina V.

Pounds: -9.8
Body Fat %: -1%
Inches: -6.75

Jordan N.


Pounds: + 9.4
Body Fat %: -.1%
Inches: + 10.5

**note Jordan gainedpounds & inches

Rachel L.

Pounds: -1.6
Body Fat: -2.2%
Inches: 12.5

Pedro B.

Pounds: -24.2
Body Fat: -3.5%
Inches: -15

Zach V.


Pounds: -1.8
Body Fat: -2.8%
Inches: -2

Tom H.


Pounds: -3.4
Body Fat: -4.1%
Inches: -3.5

Todd W.


Pounds: -15
Body Fat: -5%
Inches: -13.25

Tyson N.


Pounds: -11.4
Body Fat: -9.6%
Inches: -13.5

Tina S.


Pounds: -3
Body Fat: -3.4%
Inches: -3.75